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Various Types of Heat Pumps Available These Days

Heat is usually transferred from warm places to cold place. However, heat pump is a device that transfers heat from low temperature zone to high temperature zone, which is against the natural heat transfer process. Typical examples are air conditioning and refrigerator system. In the same way heat pumps can also be used to heat our rooms both at home as well as offices.

A heat pump which is also called thermopompe will use electrical power in order to transfer cold to warm area and for that they are not using any renewable energy. Also, the amount of energy will be far less than any conventional cooling system.

Some of the typical heat pumps are of the following variety.

  • Air source heat pump

If you live in an area where the climate is moderate then air source heat pump can maintain the temperature of your room. Heat pump will be fitted outside to draw air inside and by using two coils and compressor it will cool the air. If it is needed to warm the room then liquid refrigerant in the coil will extract heat from the air and pass through inside coil to produce warmth.

  • Ground source heat pump

Here the solar energy that is either stored in the ground or water can be used for running heat pumps. Here heat pipes are laid under the earth and are more efficient as compared to air source heat pumps mentioned above.

  • Hybrid heat pump

Here energy source can be obtained from gas boiler that can provide constant source warm atmosphere at much higher efficiency. In this system there is no need to change the radiator. Another hybrid configuration can be obtained with mixture of both ground as well as air source heat pumps and can be much efficient at different stages. When the atmosphere is cool then it will get energy from ground source and during warm environment its operation reverses.

  • Ductless mini-split heat pump

There are wall mounted heat pumps used where there is no need of installing any additional duct. They usually use air source heat pumps.

  • Absorption heat pump

This type of heat pump is run by solar-heated water or any geothermal heated water instead of using normal electricity.

The future market for heat pump will increase further as here there is a possibility of using lesser electrical energy and convert both low and high temperature air flow in the surrounding.

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