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Laminate: A Clean Flooring Option

The floor of a home is the area that often takes on the most wear and tear. Even when you take shoes off to enter a home, dirt and grime seem to find their way into the floor. Carpet is one of the worst flooring options if you are sensitive to dust. It also makes care for your home much more difficult. Without an expensive vacuum, you are sure to always have a significant amount of dirt left behind. Hard flooring is a much better option. Tile and wood floors are traditional options for hard flooring. You can, however, save money with laminate flooring. It is incredibly durable and installs easily. Best of all, your floors can be cleaned in minutes with a broom or sweeper device.


People with allergies are often miserable when the home is filled with carpet. Many people do not realise what the problem is for many years. The carpet can easily hold dust that the individual is sensitive to. The pad underneath may have some mould or mildew growth as well. This is especially common in homes with children as they often spill things. This can aggravate the respiratory tract and cause constant discomfort. Laminate flooring in Perth can alleviate the symptoms of allergies. Wood-look flooring can be swept daily and also mopped with a mild cleaner.


Laminate flooring looks great with any décor. You can choose from many wood-like colours to enhance the entire home. Some companies even produce laminates in a grey scale. These natural colours look great with any type of furniture or theme. You can add a colourful area rug if you prefer a soft area in the bedroom or near the couch. This gives you an option for decoration as well as a soft place for children to play. You can easily use the same flooring throughout the home since it looks great with anything. If you have a lot of wood furniture, you may appreciate a colour that contrasts nicely with the wood you already have in your home. Take some samples home and hold them up to your furniture to find the best one.

Easy to Install

When it comes time to install your new floors, laminate can take less time than many other hard flooring options. Solid wood and tile can take weeks to install properly. Laminate flooring should only take a few days. A professional can help to make sure that everything is cut and measured properly. Specific spacing must be allowed around the baseboards to account for expansion in warmer months. A specialist can take care of this with ease.

Laminate flooring is a great option for those that wish to have healthy and aesthetically pleasing floors. It also feels great under bare feet. Soft areas can be added with easy-to-clean area rugs. There are many great colours to enhance your home as well. The variety of colours gives you great choices to complement your existing décor. Get ready to enjoy your healthy and beautiful new floors.

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