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Few Diseases That Can Be Caused Due to Bed Bugs

When bed bug bites you can have problems like itching, allergy, swelling, and also insomnia to anaphylactic shock. While you are asleep at night, bed bugs bite can make your defence weak. Bed bugs can bite more than 500 times in a single night, if there is very serious infestation. If you notice any apparent signs of bed bugs in your home then you must eradicate them at the earliest. It may become very difficult once bed bugs fully settle down at your home and they can also move to many other parts of the home too.

Few common problems due to bed bug bites –

  1. Allergic reactions –

Reaction of any punaises de lit (English meaning is bed bug) bites may differ in different people. Some of you may not have any symptoms of bites of bed bugs, but your family members may exhibit from mild to extreme reactions. They may feel burning sensation just at the site where it has been bitten.

  1. Itching –

With any kind of bed bug bites, itching is a very common issue and you may have severe itching because of their bites. Usually, bed bugs may bite in clusters which can cause strong itching sensation that lasts for a number of days.

  1. Secondary infection –

Though bed bugs do not cause infection due to their bites but yet, severe itching may cause open wounds. Such wounds may get infected easily if not treated in proper manner.

  1. Blisters and red Spots –

Due to bed bug bite, you may have blisters or red spots. Blister may subside after few days however phobia or itching may persist.

  1. Insomnia –

Due to fear of any bed bug bites, many of you can become anxious, and you may be deprived from your sleep. It will not only reduce your efficiency but can also increase stress level and panic.

  1. Anaphylactic shock –

People with low immunity or pre-existing conditions of any allergies or asthma can be under high risk. Its bites can trigger any anaphylactic shock. This may be very dangerous and hence bed bugs treatment is compulsory for such people so that there is minimum risk.

  1. Chagas Disease –

With studies it has been proven that any bed bug may spread Chagas diseases. Though there is no documentation available yet however there exists a risk.

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