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Applications of Polyurethane Form Concrete in Different Industries

Polyurethane is an excellent sealing and insulating material. This is the reason why it is widely used in various industries. It is made of two raw materials including polyol and isocyanate. They are derived from the crude oil. A chemical reaction starts when these two are mixed with the process-ready liquid components along with the auxiliary materials such as foaming agents, catalysts and stabilizers. Various types of this product are found making it so useful in different industries. Some of the applications of this material are explained below:

Garment industry

Polyurethane can be made into fine threads. That’s why, it has widely been used in making apparels. It is combined with nylon to make stretchable and lightweight garments. Due to the advancement in the technology in garment industry, this material is used to make sports cloths, man-made skins and various accessories.

Automotive industry

This material is used all over the cars. It can be used to make car seats comfortable, interiors headlights, spoilers, car body, windows, ceiling sections and bumpers. It also reduces the overall weight of the car, which then improves the mileage. It also provide comfort, insulation, corrosion resistance and sound absorption.

Construction industry

Due to availability in various types and its durability, this material is widely used in construction and building industry. Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting is used for padding the cushions on the floors. On the roof, reflective plastic coverings used over the polyurethane foam are able to bounce back the sunlight and hence, can take the heat away.

Marine industry

Americans are so much fond of boating. They enjoy it throughout the year. Polyurethane form contributes a lot in this industry. This material insulates boats from temperatures and noise extremes and providers abrasion and tear resistance. It is suitable for cable and wire coating, drive belts, engine tubing, hydraulic hoses and ship molding.

Healthcare industry

It is commonly used in making a number of medical equipments such as hospital bedding, general purpose tubing, surgical drapes, injection-molded devices and wound dressings. It provides cost-effective and lasting solutions in medical industry.


Polyurethane is the common component in most of the appliances we use on a daily basis. Majorly, they are used in making refrigerators and thermal insulation systems. It is one of the cost-effective solutions available in the making of various appliances.

Polyurethane is amongst the widely used, rigid, cost-effective and durable solution to various manufacturing and other segments.

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